Have a nice DAY

I am truly crushing on the designs of Danish label DAY birger et mikkelsen which was founded in 1997 by Keld Mikkelsen and Malene Birger. DAY is focused on creating beautiful everyday garments with detailing, fine embellishments, embroidery and overall great tailoring. One of the reasons I am so fond of their designs is because they have a sort of ethnic, cultured look about them.. and the campaigns are simply flawless. x

Take your pic!

So clever...

... and original. x


`* Fairchild

Love love love the fresh shapes and styles of this season. Chloe Spring 2010 runway show portrays this beautifully with elegant, yet relaxed pieces. And don't forget the ponchos!! It's like a love child created by a fashion-conscious mexican and a gorgeous hippy girl (: (ifff that makes any sense at all). I would wear ALL of these with a smile on my face and a flower in my hair. x


You keep on rowin', and I'll keep on smilin'.

A while back I had the pleasure of watching "Happy-Go-Lucky", a bittersweet comedy starring the lovely Sally Hawkins, a british actress with an adorable, yet edgy style about her. I recommend the movie, it really is one that lingers in the back of your mind (in a good way!) and search for Sally - one of my favourite rising stars! x

Images from the 2008 film "Happy-Go-Lucky"


Lady Shape

Every time I spy an outfit designed by Luella Bartley my heart skips a beat. Luella defines my style completely! Feminine prints mixed with glossy belts and tailored jackets, frilly bits and bobs, ruched detailing, not to mention the much loved Gisele bag. Ah, how I love to look at the pictures and wish I was a Luella girl frolicking through the candy-coloured tulip fields. x

Luella Spring 2010


It's a nice day for a white wedding

Yesterday I read some great news on the internet (assuming it is true) that singer Katy Perry and funny man Russell Brand are engaged! I just love it when two equally quirky people get together and I wish them the best! x



Aren't they gorgeous? If only I could walk in them. x


Pretty as a petal

In life there are many beautiful things; a scenic view, a picturesque family, a couple in love. But to be honest, when it comes to beauty I just can't go past a simple flower or photograph that catches my eye. Here we have some that have combined these two features. Love x


Soul cleansing

I know, this is supposed to be a fashion blog; but I just couldn't resist sharing with you my beautiful photos from the wonderful holiday that I have just experienced. Hope you are having a fantastic time too. x