Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Ah, remember the good old days when you waited all year for the big red man to come bursting down your chimney? Wasn't it just fun to wish and hope and pray that you were'nt on the naughty list? You would stay up as late as you could, just to catch a glimpse of this kind fellow; and on Christmas eve, your parents smiled at you as you placed some sweet biscuits and a cold glass of milk on the table, just in case he might be peckish. So many great childhood memories of christmas, we begin to reminisce about this time every year. x


Silence is golden

There once was a pretty girl named Clara Bow, who would grow up and leave behind a heart-breaking past of domestic violence to become a beautiful and famous silent movie actress. Clara had a unique look, delightful to look at. If you are a lover of anything vintage, take a look at Miss Bow for some old-world charm. x



I'm in love. It's weird because it just happens to be with a television show.. GLEE really is the best thing on the box. It's so funny, the characters are loveable and the songs that they perform are amazing!!! 'Nuff said. x



Tyra Banks and the cast and crew of ANTM cycle 13 (?) flew into New Zealand a few days ago. They were seen in luxurious Queenstown where it was said that they would be filming and tv show host John Campbell had the exclusive interview with the woman herself. Tyra hosted a 'ladies lunch' in which each table had a spare seat so that she could walk around and sit with the women at each one throughout the special luncheon. x


I'm free!

Hurray!  I have officially began my wardrobe/style re-invention!! Today I had some time to spare so I decided it was about time I cleared out my closet of all the old and unwanted clothes that I own. I ended up with about 3 bags full of shirts, pants and pyjamas and I threw out 8 pairs of shoes! You may think this is a bit over the top, but these clothes/shoes havn't been worn for months, mainly because they are falling apart or I have simply grown out of them (in more than one way). So, from now on I am free of all the aged garments that have been holding back my style and now I can get on with my life wearing some more beautiful outfits! x


We were the Kings..

I have always sort of had a crush on Jared Leto, frontman of awesome rock band - 30 Seconds to Mars, mainly because of his baby blue eyes and his personal style. Yes, a man can have style! I'm sure some would disagree and say that men who take pride in their clothes and keep up with fashion trends always end up being gay, but this is SO false. x


Google search really is the God of the internet; these random pics were found when I was browsing aaages ago! x


Paint the town

I'm not much of a party animal, but I'd sure like to be! After seeing these pics from Katy Perry's Willy Wonka themed birthday (on the 25th October) I am astounded and desperately in need of some fun... Maybe my next birthday will feature white clothes and lots of pretty paint =]. x

All I want for christmas...

Dear Santa, yes I can say I have been a very good girl this year so please, if it's not too much hassle, could you bring me these gifts! x


Home Pride

Yes, it's true, I am very proud of my beautiful country: New Zealand; But even more so because of the talented designers that are produced here. For example, my personal favourite - RUBY, which speacialises in femininity and all things simply gorgeous. I received a silk RUBY jacket in the mail today and absolutely fell in love. x



Lady Gaga is coming to New Zealand!!
I neeed to go! She is absolutely one of the best artists in the world and her quirkyness just makes her even more intriguing!! Ahh, unfortunately she is doing one show only in Auckland a.k.a the opposite end of the country... sigh. x